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Dino IconHalloween

HalloweenHalloween is celebrated on the last day of October. It is one of the days where the imagination of kids and adults can go bonkers. Halloween is associated with Trick or Treating for children where they go from door to door asking for sweets and candies. Children dress up in fancy costumes and have fun celebrating the festival.

Setting up your house as a haunted house for your kids and his friends is also fun. It can be a themed affair. The room can be a cave or a jail, something which would be exciting for children and would create a little bit of nervousness in them. Most of us like the thrill when presented with the creepy unknown. Children can be a part of this fun scare but there should be a limit to the scariness so that there is no trauma to any child involved in the celebration. End the day by preparing a fruity Halloween treat by rolling whole apples in sugary syrup, even better by then rolling them in nuts.

Dino IconPreparing your 'Will'

WillForming your ‘will’ after your child is born is one of the important steps which can be taken by a parent to protect their child's welfare. A will ensures that the court knows who you pick to take care of your child in case of your demise and how your assets are to be managed. Also, it helps elect the person to manage your personal and financial obligations.

Review your 'will' every year so that you can update it with substantial changes like additional children, buying of a new property and monetary rearrangements. Nominate a guardian for kids; one who will take care of them as their own children. Ensure that this person can provide a healthy home and safe environment for your little one.

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Teddy IconLittle Known Facts - The American Flying Squirrel

The American Flying Squirrel is a nocturnal creature with large eyes, and feeds on berries, seeds, nuts and insects. It has a special fold of skin down both sides of its body so that when it leaps from tree to tree this skins spreads out between its front and rear legs to form a parachute. The allows the squirrel to glide over long distances, sometimes covering about 65 meters in one single glide.

Heart IconGo Green - Save Water

Save WaterClose the tap while brushing teeth. Or. Try placing a bucket under the shower while soaping yourself. You'll be amazed at how much water is being wasted. If you simply shorten your shower by a minute or two, you could easily save about 150 gallons per month.

Flower IconOctober Calendar

October Calendar WallpaperThis month's theme is 'Halloween'. Download the Little Dinos monthly calendar in mobile and desktop wallpaper resolutions from our website at October Calendar - Themed Websites for Your Baby