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Baby Names DirectoryGood news for you and your friends. Little Dinos has recently launched a Baby Names directory to help parents find the right name for their newborn. The list includes over 28,000 names along with their origin and meaning. So if you are inclined towards Spanish, French, Japanese or Indian it's all in one location for our Mom's and Dad's.

The directory can be accessed by all our visitors from the main page of the Little Dinos site in the footer section.

Dino IconDiwali - Festival of Lights

DiwaliAs depicted in Hindu mythology, Diwali signifies the return of Lord Rama to his kingdom Ayodhya after completing 14 years of exile and then defeating the tyrant Ravana who had captured Rama's wife Sita.

The festival of Diwali is also called 'Deepawali' or 'Festival of Lights' ('Deep' means 'light' in Hindi). The festival marks the Hindu New Year and is celebrated over 5 days. Houses are brightly lit with decorative lights and the entrance porch is usually decorated by a colorful mosaic known as 'Rangoli'.

Friends and relatives visit one another to exchange good wishes and sweets. Children enjoy this festival the most as they look forward to the evening, as once the sun sets, it's time to light up the sky with colorful fireworks.

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Teddy IconHealth Fact - Smoking Risks to Pregnancy

Women who smoke during pregnancy put themselves and their unborn baby's health at risk. There is an increased the risk of miscarriage, premature birth or even low birth weight. It also increases the risk of asthma in children. Smoking can also cause problems with the placenta wherein the placenta can separate from the womb early thereby causing bleeding and also reducing the source of baby’s food and oxygen. All of these are dangerous for the mother and the baby.

The Center of Disease Control and Prevention in USA has more information on Tobacco Use and Pregnancy at

In Australia, the Federal Health department has started a campaign 'Quit For You, Quit For Two' to encourage women to quit smoking while they are pregnant.

Heart IconGo Green - Hybrid Cars

Baby Names DirectoryA hybrid car consumes between 20 to 30% less fuel and generates far less CO2 than a classical vehicle. For each liter of fuel burnt in a car engine, more than 2.5 kg of CO2 is released into the atmosphere. When you hit the brakes in a conventional car, energy in the form of dissipated heat is lost. Hybrid technology, on the other hand, captures this energy and puts it to good use.

So if you are due for your next car, think go green by thinking Hybrid.

Flower IconNovember Calendar

November Calendar WallpaperThis month's theme is 'Diya'. Diya is an earthen lantern widely used during the festival of Diwali. Download the Little Dinos monthly calendar in mobile and desktop wallpaper resolutions from our website at November Calendar - Themed Websites for Your Baby