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Puzzle IconLittle Dinos at 'Times Kidz World'

Article PhotoLittle Dinos participated at the 'Times Kidz World' exhibition that was held between April 28 - May 1, 2012 at the World Trade Centre in Mumbai.

We were able to interact with over 20,000 parents and show them how our automated tools can help them publish their child's personal website live, within minutes. More importantly we were able to gauge the pulse of how our offerings meet the different interests and needs of our potential customers.

Our aim was to showcase the various ready-to-use colorful themes and some exclusive features offered, such as - a password protected website, a growth chart, unlimited number of pages, a guest book, the option to show or hide a page of the website and many other features too. A child's photos and videos hosted on 'Little Dinos' stay 100% secure when parents use the 'password protection' feature while sharing the URL of their child's website with family and friends.

Puzzle IconPuzzle for Kids

How many Squares do you see?

Puzzle Image9 ? 10 ? 14 ? 15 ?

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Heart IconHappy Mother's Day

May is the month of MoM. Mother's Day is a special day to celebrate the glorious ideal of love and sacrifice called motherhood. It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the importance of mothers in our lives and to celebrate and make them feel special.

This Mother's Day let's thank our moms for the innumerable sacrifices they've made right from the early childhood days of sleeping very little at night, being by our bedside when we have been ill, for giving us their best at all times as well as for instilling the belief in us that we are capable of achieving whatever we want.

So make sure you celebrate this lovely day with cakes, cards, chocolates, flowers, photo-framed memories, jewelry, a simple dinner or even a phone call to make your mom feel special.

We want to hear of your Mother's Day experience. Write to us at

Heart IconMay Calendar

May is the month of MoM. Download the Little Dinos calendar for the month of May in mobile and desktop wallpaper resolutions from our website at May Calendar - Themed Websites for Your Baby