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Puzzle IconFive Good iPhone Apps for Babies

Baby sign and Learn: Baby sign language can help you to understand what your baby is thinking before they can talk.
Review - The free version has the most basic signs with an opportunity for you to purchase more. For a new parent even the free signs should suffice. One thing that I found interesting is the categorization of signs into American, Australian, British, etc., and we thought the babies around the world were all the same :).

Johnsons Bedtime: Track and log your babies sleep patterns, listen to soothing lullabies and ambient sounds, ask questions to sleep experts.
Review - It's developed by one of the better brand names in baby care "Johnson and Johnson". How many times you have wanted to call your pediatrician about baby sleep but held out so as to not disturb him/her. Here is a solution; this app provides expert advice personalized to your baby. A must have for first time parents.

Peekaboo Barn (Lite): A barn adventure for toddlers. Work with the child to learn the names of animals and hear the sounds they make.
Review - It's a basic interactive app that will teach the kids about barn animals and keep your kids busy for hours. It's especially great for those long drives or long wait times.

Tozzle (Lite): Toddler's Favorite Puzzle: Set of puzzles which entertains while also educational for your kid. It keeps your toddler entertained as he/she learns to improve shape recognition and motor activity.
Review - The free version of the app is so nice that you will be compelled to purchase the full version (this is a compliment.. LOL). The free version comes with 4 puzzles with the pro version having 39 puzzles.

Paint Sparkles Draw: It introduces children to the names of all basic colors while developing their sense of vision and creativity.
Review - A very nice app which introduces the names each time a color is picked. Beautiful sparkles spread on the screen which capture the attention of the kids and excites them to use it. The free version is full featured with only the limitation on the number of designs available.

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  2. Monsoon Safety
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Puzzle Icon Monsoon Safety for Kids

Article Photo In the sub-continent, the 'Monsoon' season is a breathtaking event of nature. During this season children often enjoy the weather outside. And as a parent, there are many important monsoon safety tips every child needs to be informed about. For example, children should learn to keep an eye for the dark clouds. Even if the clouds are distant, once the wind starts blowing they quickly move in. At that point, it is best to move indoors when the clouds are visible in the sky as Monsoon storms and winds can quickly change directions and escalate to high level. Temperatures also drop rapidly at this point.

There are two more things they need to know when they have been outside too long and the storm is quickly approaching. Thunder and lightening are the final stage of the storm before it starts raining. If there's lightening, children must stay away from electrical lines and metal objects because they attract lightning. If they cannot find any shelter they shouldn't stand near a tree or near standing water.

Heart IconHappy Father's Day

Father’s have a special place in the child’s life. Children always feel protected and sheltered by their father’s care. The strong foundation laid by dad helps the young ones develop their own identity. Dad’s are the ones who teach them so many things – from riding a cycle, catching the ball to driving a car.

Father’s have a lot of fun doing adventurous activities, yet they make their kiddo feel very safe. No matter how tired they are after a long day at work, when at home dad’s love to spend time with their children.

So this father’s day take a stroll down memory lane and help your child write something about ‘what they like about daddy’!

We want to hear of your Father's Day experience. Write to us at

Heart IconJune Calendar

Download the Little Dinos calendar for the month of June in mobile and desktop wallpaper resolutions from our website at June Calendar - Themed Websites for Your Baby