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Dino IconRefreshing Changes to Little Dinos Site

We're constantly striving to improve the website experience for all our users. In this New Year we have redesigned your Welcome page, and introduced several short 'Help' videos.

The introduction of the 'Help' feature will guide members on how to use and update their Little Dinos babysite effectively and easily. These are short instructional video clips showing members how to perform different activities on the site. You can access them by clicking on Video Tutorials in the footer of the page. Alternately, you can access these clips when you are logged into your Little Dinos account by clicking on the Help Icon icon.

Heart IconBedtime Routines

Bedtime discipline becomes a more integral part of a child's routine when they start going to school. A predictable, calming bedtime routine is often the key to a good night's sleep. A bedtime routine can comprise of many mini routines. Giving your child a warm bath can be one of them. Brushing their teeth in the night or telling them a fun story while tucking them into the bed. If your child would like to talk to you about his/her day that can also be a good way to wind down. It is very essential that the rest of the family members are also winding down otherwise the child feels that he will miss out something. Switching off the Television and Computer at this point of time is advisable.

Here comes the difficult part. Putting them to bed with their favorite toy or blanket and encouraging them to sleep on their own. If your child is afraid of darkness then a keep a night lamp on in the room. Tell your toddler that you will be checking on him/her every 5 minutes. You might find them coming out of the room to call you initially, but be persistent and take them back to them room and help them settle down again. Try to resist the urge to get into bed with them to soothe them. If you are consistent with your bedtime routine soon you will have a happy kid giving you a good night kiss and going to sleep all by himself/herself.

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Teddy IconLittle Known Facts– How Whales and Dolphins use sound to see?

WhaleWhales and Dolphins use ears, not eyes, to find their way about. As they swim they make clicking noises, which travel through the water. When the click hits something solid, an echo bounces back. The echo tells the animal what lies ahead.

Flower IconFebruary Calendar

March Calendar WallpaperFebruary Calendar WallpaperThis month's theme is 'Love'. Download the Little Dinos calendar wallpaper in mobile and desktop resolutions at February Calendar. Here's an exclusive sneak peek of our March Calendar. Check back on March 1st to download it.

Dino IconYour Thoughts

Each month we intend to have your thoughts on contemporary issues. This month's topic is "Influence of media on your child's life". This will be posted on the Little Dinos blog.

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