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Puzzle Icon'Curiosity' Crosses Over to the Red Planet

Mars Rover CuriosityMars Rover 'Curiosity' successfully landed on the Red Planet on Aug 5 (PDT). After a journey of 253 days, the rover touched down on Gale Crater close to Mount Sharp. Curiosity is now about 352 million miles away from Earth and its mission is expected to last nearly 2 years during which it will send us thousands of images as it navigates itself on the planet. Apart from this, it will also analyze soil and rock samples as well as the atmospheric conditions in a quest for scientists to determine the evidence that the planet can support life.

For exciting updates, visit NASA's website or as we experience one of the most anticipated space missions ever.

Kids can find a lot of fun activities and information on space missions, astronauts, solar system and more at

Puzzle IconGift Idea – How about a child's website?

The concept of gifting is changing in the dotcom age. Flowers, chocolates and ready to buy off the shelf gifts are routine which is why more people are embracing the idea of gifted personalized websites. Unlike e-cards, which is just a pick and choose novelty, creating a gifted website requires some out-of-the box thinking. While expressing adoration for a loved one, it also provides something unique and personal.

As a host of a children's party, it is convenient to create websites for all the children that attend your child's party. Then upload and share photos/videos from the birthday party directly on these children's websites so that they may too cherish those memories forever.

To learn more about gifting websites visit

  1. 'Curiosity' Crosses Over to the Red Planet
  2. Gift Idea – How about a child's website?
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Puzzle IconPlay With Clay

Play with ClayThe photo is from a Little Dinos child who has created a Beach theme with clay – blue waves, pink boat with a flag, white surf board, man’s head popping out of the sand, and a car at a traffic light near the beach.

Playing with clay helps bring out the creative element in children. It is also helpful in enhancing the hand eye co-ordination of the child. Children need to touch and feel and need time of creative encounter. The softness of the clay is welcoming for a child to explore ways of making different shapes and objects. The things lying around in the house can be used as great tools. Giving them a theme could be one of the strategies of developing their thought process and helping them make connections. This helps a child remember the details of what he had seen at a certain place. Children with a kinesthetic style of learning learn by doing touching and by using movement.

Heart IconMore Theme Designs

Tricolor Template DesignAfter launching 12 new zodiac template designs in July, Little Dinos launched a 'Rakshabandhan' theme earlier this month to celebrate the festival of brotherhood and love. A 'Tricolor' theme was also launched to mark India's Independence Day. You can preview these here

Heart IconAugust Calendar

August Calendar WallpaperThis month's theme is on the London Olympics. Download the Little Dinos monthly calendar in mobile and desktop wallpaper resolutions from our website at August Calendar - Themed Websites for Your Baby