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It is our constant endeavour to make the experience of creating your baby site a joyful and memorable one. The 'Help' and 'FAQ' pages will help resolve most of your doubts. You may use this form to lend your suggestions to 'Little Dinos'.

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Little Dinos For Mothers To Be...

Little Dinos is with you right from the pre-natal stage
  • Start the babysite during your pregnancy
  • Use the Journal to track your development, baby kicks and log your diets
  • Use the Calendar to mark your doctor's appointments and memo your Wish List
  • Use Photo-greetings to send out Baby Shower Invitations
  • Use the Growth Chart to monitor your increasing weight
  • Use the Blog to interact and share experiences with other moms
  • Set-up your Address Book so that you don't have to type those email addresses again
  • If a friend in your Address book is a Little Dinos user, you can use the Inbox feature to send and receive messages directly through the Little Dinos account

Little Dinos For Newborns to 1 Year Olds...

The adventures of being a parent has just begun. These features will benefit you most
  • One-click feature automatically saves your chosen design theme
  • Upload and share Photos with ease
  • In-built Video player that is compatible with most video formats. Saves you time with conversion hassles
  • Publish portfolio pages for Mom, Dad, Siblings, Grandparents and others
  • Track key development milestones with the Journal
  • Mark your Vaccination Schedules and doctor's appointments on the Calendar
  • Send out Photo Greetings for Birthdays, Anniversaries or Party Invitations
  • Growth Chart to monitor your newborn's development
  • Guestbook to track the warm compliments
  • Blog to interact and share experiences with other moms
  • Keep your site secure and private with the Site-Lock code. Only visitors you share the code with can visit your Babysite
  • Address Book helps you maintain your email addresses

Little Dinos For 1 to 3 Year Olds...

Your baby is now crawling, babbling and exploring your house. You will have lots to enjoy and share through this site daily
  • Change the design themes as many times as you like based on your mood
  • Capture new moments every day and expand your Photos and Video gallery
  • Continue tracking key development milestones through your Journal
  • The Calendar has never been more useful. Mark your Vaccination Schedules, doctor's appointments and maintain records of your baby's Prescriptions and Dosages on the Calendar
  • Create Photo Greetings for various festivals and occasions
  • Growth Chart to monitor your baby's height and weight
  • Blog to interact and share experiences with other moms
  • Secure Site Access stays with you as your baby grows. This helps you treasure those special moments without worrying about unwanted visitors
  • Baby Tips to guide you as your baby starts exploring

Little Dinos For 3 and above...

Your baby is now walking, talking, running, jumping, playing, singing, dancing and actively involved in doing many things. You will want to post all 'Firsts' on your Babysite
  • Expand your site by adding as many new pages you like to the Menu. There is no limit!
  • You're not going to have the time to create all pages at one sitting. We offer the 'Show/Hide Pages' feature which lets you build those new pages without displaying them on your live site until you are ready to do so. Activate that page only once you are satisfied with the content. Until then the rest of your site continues to remain accessible online
  • Choose design themes that your baby likes - airplanes, trains, cars, sports, etc. Get into festive season with our Festival theme designs
  • First skates, first swim, first dance, first day at school ... Capture every moment and share them through your Albums
  • Set-up Calendar reminders for your baby's activities
  • Use the Journal to record all the Favorites - your baby's first words, tasty foods, movies, music, rhymes, etc
  • Create Photo Greetings for various festivals and occasions
  • You are now a seasoned parent. Use the Blog to interact and share your experiences with other moms