• What to Do If Your Children's Bedwetting Problem Goes Untreated

    Posted by Admin Dino, December 23, 2012

    One of the most serious results of letting the problem of bedwetting go untreated (as Harry C. Miller reported in the journal Consultant) is that overlooked physical abnormalities, even diseases, may grow worse as the bed-wetter grows older.

    Over the years, one can suffer frequent urinary infections. In some older children, the opening of the urethra (to the outside) may be  inadequate in size, or the lining of the urethra could be inflamed causing blockage. This constriction could be responsible for prolonged years of bedwetting and worsening problems. 

    In addition to the physical problems that can result from untreated enuresis, wetting the bed can do great damage to your child's self-image and self-esteem. Unfortunately, bed-wetters suffer shame, embarrassment, restriction of social activity, a terrible sense of helplessness, and some-times even mental or physical abuse. Thus, untreated bedwetting causes some children to become passive, shy, and withdrawn, and causes others to become overly aggressive and combative. As the researchers Daniel S. Hellman and Nathan Blackman reported in the American Journal of Psychiatry, untreated, long-term bedwetting in childhood has been con¬nected with pyromania (setting fires) and cruelty to animals. Most of these problems result from the mental and physical abuse that bed-wetters experience from their parents or other caregivers, siblings, or other children. Although in some families wetting does not seem to trouble the parents or the children, in others it may lead to difficult parent-child conflict.

    Not only bedwetting, but also the daytime problems that many bedwetters experience (such as wetting one's clothing in school) disturb children far more than most adults realize. Of course, some wetters overcome their problems and go on to lead rich, fulfilling lives as adults. 

    As a parent, it is important to observe if your child has no control over bedwetting or daytime symptoms and so that you may seek a doctor's opinion for the underlying physical causes.