• Upgrading time at Little Dinos

    Posted by Admin Dino, September 29, 2011

    Upgrading time at Little Dinos

    At Little Dinos we take user feedback very seriously and continuously strive to improve. Based on some amazing feedback from our beta-testers we are optimizing our baby photo uploader. Instead of resizing the photo on the server after it gets uploaded, we are implementing a client-side optimizer so that the user does not need to upload the large photo that his/her camera captured. Instead of uploading a 5MB photo, user will now end up uploading a photo around 200KB saving a lot on the bandwidth and photo upload times.

    We are upgrading our storage and have moved on to secure and redundant storage with Amazon Web Services. It works a little costlier for us but the users will see significant performance improvement in the form of load times and have peace of mind knowing the photos and videos of your loved ones are stored securely.

    This has pushed the actual launch by a few days and we will be launching Little Dinos for public use on October 10th, exactly one month from the date we launched for beta-testing. Not bad huh :).