• Toddler and Activities

    Posted by Admin Dino, February 27, 2013

    Toddlers have a lot of energy. This energy should be channelised in the right way otherwise you might end up with a kid at home who has broken half of your belongings that were your priced possession.

    Enroll your Kid to sports training of their liking so that they evolve both mentally and socially. Any kind of sport like cricket, tennis, football, or basketball teaches them to be patient, focused and mentally strong. Also playing with other children helps them become a team player.

    Children usually want to have fun and run around. Even if they don't land up learning the key skills of the game but they are enjoying it they may land up pursue the sport as they grow older.

    Likewise acitivities like drawing or craft help in getting the creative juice flowing in your little one. It makes them committed to doing a task while they are sitting at one place which is very difficult in a toddlers case.

    In all the hoopla of getting your kids to these activities be sure to notice if they are enjoying it. Let them try the activity for at least 4 to 5 turns otherwise they will not be committed to learning a sport and they will find a reason to quit what they don't like for that day.