• Thank You

    Posted by Admin Dino, October 14, 2011

    Thank You

    With the launch of Little Dinos a milestone has been achieved and its time to express our gratitude to friends and family who helped beta-test and provided their invaluable suggestions.

    Thank you Debayen, Maria-Teresa/Fernando, Pradeepa/Ajay, Lavanya, Clarissa and her mom for the thoughtful feedback. We would also like to thank Rakesh, Christopher, Sivagnanakumar, Revathi/Natrajan, Saakshi/Prashant, Neetu/Binoy, Zubin, Clare Maria, Raju, Surabhi, and Dhananjay for their inputs to improve the site.

    Last but definitely not the least, a big shout-out to Sangeeta and Rahul's mom for their incredible support right from the inception stage.

    You have helped us have a very smooth launch. Thank you once again and looking forward to your continued support.