• Spain's Euro Cup victory has some lessons for us

    Posted by Admin Dino, July 15, 2012

    For some time now Spain as a country had their share of challenges with recession, unemployment and bank bailouts so the sweet memories of the night when the Spanish football team lifted the Euro Cup 2012 was a night Spaniards will never forget. As a soccer nation they have been on a roll with three mega victories – Euro 2008, World Cup 2010 and Euro 2012.

    The win is mostly attributed to the team’s hardwork and their conviction. The key to their performance has always been their tempo and the change in pace that outwits their opposition. A hallmark of the team’s success has also been that they play without a defined striker unlike their opponents.

    To us as parents, these should be good lessons from sports where we should learn to apply new ideas while mentoring our children and teaching them how to approach challenges in studies, sports or life in a positive and unconventional fashion to achieve success. The selfless nature of the Spaniard players, team spirit and their trust in one another on the field are also valuable lessons that we must impart to our children.