• Social media (Facebook and Google Plus) on your babysite

    Posted by Admin Dino, February 21, 2013

    Little Dinos is proud to announce the addition of social plugin for cross-connectivity from your babysite to Facebook and Google Plus. The Facebook 'Like' and Google 'Plus' buttons now display below each individual photo, video and journal entry on the babysite. Friends and family can 'Like' the photo/video on your Little Dinos babysite and it will automatically display on Facebook. They can also 'Like' the entire babysite.

    Once logged into Little Dinos, a user will now be able to directly share their babysite content with family and friends in the social media (Facebook and Google).

    As always, Little Dinos gives the user full control over what is displayed on their babysite. Users can control the availability of these social buttons on the babysite from the "My Account" tab by toggling "Activate social media on babysite".


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