• Playgroups and Playdates

    Posted by admin, June 18, 2012

    Playgroups and Playdates

    If you are a first time mom find a playgroup that has other new moms so that it will make it easy for you to share and talk about various experiences. Have the first playdate at your house if that would make your child most comfortable. Also try and limit the playdates to 2 hours to ensure that it goes off smoothly and the children are playing together and not arguing or fighting. Observe how other parents respond to such situation as you can learn a lot from seasoned moms.


    Select toys that easily lend themselves to sharing (for e.g. building blocks, playing with a ball) so that the children are encouraged to share and play together. Also consider how you will divide the snacks and drinks – having the host parent provide everything, rotational responsibility or every parent providing for their own child. Ensure the rules of safety and etiquette are known to all such as not bringing an unwell child to the playdate, bringing and sharing clean toys, washing hands before and after playing, etc.