• Photographing your little one

    Posted by Admin Dino, June 7, 2012

    How many of us have struggled to get the perfect photo of our baby. It becomes more difficult if you are trying to photograph a super-energetic toddler. Here are some tips to the amateur Ansel Adams in you.

    Good light makes good photos - Amount of light is the biggest problem photographing indoors. The pictures come grainy if there is not sufficient light. Switch on a few extra lamps if needed. Avoid using flash as it may cause the baby to blink or cry. Use a diffuser if using a strong flash.


    Getting the correct angle - Click photos from different angles. Get down low in level with the baby to click a photo. Do not try to get the entire baby in every photo. It will be monotonous. Do get some close ups of your pretty one.

    Brush-up the photos - Use a photo-editing software to remove unwanted artifacts from the photo. If you can't get Photoshop, no problem, use GIMP instead- It's free.

    Mix and match - Don't shy away from taking the color out. You can do it after the photo is taken using a photo-editing software.

    Interactive photos - Do not click all the photos of just the baby. Capture the precious moments of the baby interacting with mom, dad ... Some of the most natural photos I have seen are the baby playing with a pet or a toy.

    Avoid distracting backgrounds and toys - Try to keep the amount of toys in the photographs to a minimum.

    Keep your camera handy and charged - With babies you never know the moment when you would fire away a few photos.


    Click away and don't forget to share it on your littledinos.com baby site. Friends and family are eager to see them.