• Olympics 2012 - Values

    Posted by Admin Dino, August 4, 2012

    There were some interesting developments in the London Olympic 2012 games over the last few days. We witnessed some outstanding performances from athletes and some disappointing actions by badminton players skirting the rules and playing to throw away games. The competitors are taught to win medals through honesty,hardwork and fair play.The badminton players thought that throwing away earlier games gave them the best opportunity to win the final one, although their actions went against the rules of fair play. 
    There are two aspects to this dilemma of players which resonates to what we do in life; winning the games and winning the medal. As kids we are taught to do the right thing on a daily basis, but there is also emphasis to do well and perform better be it in the field of sports or education. This strong emphasis on getting results could cause a kid to use shortcuts or bend rules. Hence, it is very important as parents that we inculcate and nurture the values of doing the right things, balancing it with getting results and highlighting the point, that the quickest or the shortest route may not always be the best route.