• Little Dinos photo rotation

    Posted by Admin Dino, July 27, 2012

    Little Dinos photo rotation

    How many times were you bothered while looking through photos and came across a photo that was incorrectly oriented? Many a time this is caused by incorrect exif information about the photo. There are many solutions to fix an incorrectly oriented photo like rotating in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, using an EXIFeditor, etc. But what about those photos which you already uploaded in the excitement of little Johnny's birthday. You do not want to delete them and reupload a corrected version. How about fixing the uploaded photo effortlessly.


    LittleDinos recently introduced a one click photo-rotation feature which allows members to easily correct the orientation of photos uploaded to a photo-album on Little Dinos. Using this feature you can now easily make a horizontal photo vertical and a vertical photo horizontal. Your baby photos will never be incorrectly oriented on LittleDinos.