• Keeping your baby cool on a hot summer day

    Posted by Admin Dino, July 7, 2012

    Your baby may not be able to communicate he/she is feeling hot. The heat can lead to dangerous situations and you can take basic precautions which make your baby comfortable in a hot summer day. Some of these are applicable to adults as well :).

    1. Dress your baby in comfortable light colored clothes.

    2. Cutting your baby's hair may give some relief from heat.

    3. You can use baby specific sunscreens on toddlers and babies but it's recommended not to use them on infants less than 6 months. You can drape a thin towel around your baby to keep the sun out.

    4. Try to keep your baby in shade as much as possible. You can purchase a wide hat which will keep the sun out of the babies face, neck and upper body.

    5. Feed your baby fluids frequently. Be it formula, breastfeeding or water from a sippy cup.

    6. Check the diaper often and make sure the baby is dry. Diapers are thick and a sweaty diaper can cause a rash.

    7. Never ever leave your baby in the car alone even for a few minutes. The mercury in the car can reach to dangerous levels very quickly.

    8. Make sure the baby room has good ventilation and air circulation.

    9. Finally, if possible avoid stepping out in the sun during the peak times.