• Introducing your kid to snow

    Posted by Admin Dino, January 17, 2013

    There will probably come a time when you have to introduce your kid to snow, may be out of necessity (you live in a region where it snows) or you may be planning to take a trip to a ski resort to rekindle the fun times you had as a child. You will need to exert extreme care depending on how old your baby/toddler is. Some basic guidelines which can make this process easy on you and the baby :).

    Clothing: To some toddlers the chillness of the snow may be scary while some may revel in it. Irrespective of which category your child falls into, clothing appropriately is the most important thing when taking your kid out into the snow. When clothing for a snowy day out, more than the thickness of the clothes, what matters is layering. The air pockets between the layers act as an insulator. So beneath the winter coat, have multiple layers of clothing. This not only works for kids, but for adults too. When layering, don't forget to have a water-proof layer on top to keep the moisture out. Another aspect is to put on clothes which fit properly. Although the bigger sizes are future-proof, they allow cold air to get in. When you are outside, regularly check their clothing to see if all is well.

    Length of trip: Plan a short trip to gauge the comfort level of your tot in the cold. If they enjoy being out and throwing snowballs, you can always plan for a longer trip at a later time. If your baby/tot is not enjoying the cold as much, you need to be prepared to quickly get back to the cozy warmth indoors.

    Activities: Snowball fights are good for adults, but you may want to be prepared (with carrot and sticks) to make a snowman or snow angel with your tot. Also, make sure to carry your camera with you. You don't want to miss out on those cute moments.

    If the kids are grown, this outing is a good opportunity to teach them about the different forms of water. Explain to them how the water changes forms (ice, water and vapor) when the temperature changes. You can also tell them how snow is formed and make the outing educational.

    Finally, make sure you have some hot chocolate ready to go as soon as you get back home.