• Introducing your Child to Money

    Posted by Admin Dino, July 3, 2012

    When your child starts playing with coins and not putting them in the mouth, the time is probably right to start learning about the concept of money. This happens around the age of five. Here are a few tips to introduce money to your child


    ·   Arrange coins by size or thickness

    ·   Identify notes/bills by color and size

    ·   Learn simple counting using notes/bills and coins

    ·   Use educational toys that are themed around money (cash register, children’s monopoly, etc.)


    Children learn fast by observing and doing. So when you run an errand at the grocery store, go shopping or travel by cab, encourage your child to ask how much it costs and to hand over or collect the money. You could also buy a piggy bank and teach your child to save a little money each day. These simple actions will make learning the art of money management a lot more fun for your child and make them financially savvy as they grow older.