• Introducing Your Toddler to a Playgroup

    Posted by Admin Dino, September 28, 2012

    Between the ages of two and three, your child is likely to blossom in both stature and confidence. Introducing her to a playgroup at this stage can meet any needs that she has to forge ahead in a safe place with a degree of independence.


    Playgroups, or pre-schools, are now available for most under-fives. They are run by trained workers with the help of volunteer parents on a rota basis. Playgroups offer children the opportunity to learn through play, play happily, apparently oblivious to your presence until you move towards the door, at which point you become vital to them. Many children cling tightly to their parent's hand, wanting to get to the play area, but scared to leave you in case with a variety of activities including painting, playdough, water or sand play, puzzles, construction toys, and a dressing-up corner.


    Very often, starting at playgroup is the child's first time away from her mother and this transition can be a big step, which children deal with in a variety of ways. Some will head off into the bustle of the play area, scarcely glancing back, leaving their parent feeling slightly bemused and surplus to requirements. Others will not want you disappear.


    In order for your child to be left there happily, it is important that you both enjoy the ambience of the chosen playgroup. She will pick up on any misgivings that you may have, so take time to find the right place for both of you.