• Help is on the way!!!

    Posted by Admin Dino, February 8, 2013

    Help is on the way!!!

    Little Dinos proudly announces the introduction of a new 'Help' feature to guide members on how to use and update their Little Dinos babysite effectively and easily. These are short instructional video clips showing members how to perform different activities on the site. You can access them by clicking on Video Tutorials in the footer of the page. Alternately, you can access these clips when you are logged into your Little Dinos account by clicking on the Help icon. We hope this helps and allows you to navigate the Little Dinos site with more ease.

    On a side note, to help keep your memories everlasting, we've increased the storage space available to our free tier users and we believe this increase will better suit your needs. You can always purchase more space by clicking on Go Premium from the My Accounts tab after logging in or write to us at webmaster@littledinos.com if you have any concerns.