• Halloween

    Posted by Veena, October 30, 2011

    Fun, fear, candies and costumes instantly come to mind. And who is to forget those decorative Pumpkins! It is fun to scare people and get scared on this day and people don't mind on this day. People love to decorate their house with ghosts and witch patches.


    For the years before our son was born, with each passing year our enthusiasm kept increasing as we would eagerly wait for the children to knock on our door for their treats. I remember making trips to Walmart, Costco or Target to pick up bags of chocolates and candy. I distinctly remember back in 2005 when a cute little girl came over to my house, dressed as a princess asking for a treat. She looked so pretty and beautiful in that dress that I just took her in my arms and gave her a big hug and kiss. Without doubt, she got the most candies from me that day! 


    Once again today is that exciting day for our children. What is your child going to dress up as?