• Good Windows phone apps for babies, young parents

    Posted by Admin Dino, January 8, 2013

    A little while ago we wrote about some of the favoured baby apps available for Iphone and the Android platform. With the Windows phone becoming popular, we thought it was a good time to write about some of the top baby related apps available for it.

    Baby Monitor: As the name suggests it helps you monitor your baby and notifies you the sound and video of the baby. It uses a PC microphone and webcam as sensor inputs and the phone as the monitor. So, although it saves you from buying a baby monitor you still need a pretty elaborate setup for it to work. This could be intimidating for a non tech-savvy person.

    Toy Xylophone: A fun app for both adults and kids alike, which can be also used to teach over 90 children and folk songs.  It’s a fun application and the kids are bound to love it. The only critic about the app is its accuracy of notes, but nevertheless a fun app.

    Draw Free: Draw! is the popular finger drawing tool for kids and adults, now free!  Make drawings with your fingers or entertain the kids anywhere. 'Draw Free' is a fun drawing app with lots of customizations available. The interface can be customized for babies, children’s and grownups. Draw Free can keep your kids occupied when waiting in long queue at the supermarket.

    Animal Sound Box Free: This application is primarily intended for children 2 to 5 years. They will learn to recognize animals and their cry. A very nice application that is also educational. Teaches the kids to correlate animals to the sounds they make.

    Kids TV: Beautiful panorama app with kids favorite shows along with videos, show characters and image galleries. A wonderful app with a large number of kids shows such as Seasame Street, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Hoopla, Gummy Bear, Tom & Jerry to name a few. A perfect app to have on your phone to keep your kids busy on a long drive.


    The above apps can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Apps+Games store.