• Good Android apps for babies, young parents

    Posted by Admin Dino, June 21, 2012

    Good Android apps for babies, young parents

    Baby learns series (numbers, shapes, etc.) - The baby learns series is a wonderful set of basic apps covering most of learning categories (numbers, shapes, fruits, vegetables etc.) for a baby/toddler. The one thing that can be different is the placement of ads which seem to obscure the controls.

    Baby toy - Baby toy is a simple app with toys having icons of objects and it plays the sound of the object when your baby touches. This is a limited app in the sense that it only has 3 categories of sound/icon themes namely farm animals, musical instruments and colorful robots. This could have been easily expanded further.

    Intellijoy kids educational - There are a variety of educational games by intellijoy. In the lite versions the games are free and for a beginner they are wonderful to try it out. The only drawback is you may have to wrestle the phone out of your kid’s hand.

    Sleepy sounds - It's a wonderful app for babies and kids who have trouble falling asleep. Try the continuous play on lullaby and see your baby sleep like a ... BABY. And it’s not just for babies, try it yourself :).

    My pregnancy today - This is not really a baby’s app but a must have for soon to be parents. It is highly informative and keeps you updated about your pregnancy on a daily basis with tips, advice, and recommendations. It is brought to you by babycenter which is one of the most trusted parenting resources.