• Getting your kids to help around the house

    Posted by Admin Dino, June 25, 2012

    It is important to get your kids to play a more active role around the house and develop some responsibility. The chores that you give them should be specific to their age and could include
    • Getting their school clothes ready the previous evening
    • Polishing their shoes
    • Matching their socks after laundry
    • Folding towels, clothes, etc
    • Picking their own plates and bowls after dinner
    • Clearing the dining table off unbreakable items
    • Wiping spills
    • Putting the books away after reading
    • Picking their toys up after play
    • Rinsing some vegetables and fruits
    • Dusting the furniture
    Try creating a chart to mark all such good habits count so that they begin to notice that you are serious about their responsibilities and they can also see how well they are doing. Children will then feel that they are helping around the house, although very often they will land up getting away!