• Diwali activities for Kids

    Posted by Admin Dino, October 25, 2011


    Crafts:  Children would love the idea of painting the diyas which can be lit up during diwali. They can hand paint the diyas and add a dash of glitter to beautify them. You can teach your children how to make lanterns with colorful papers that can be hung at the window. Make beautiful Diwali cards with collage techniques which can become a part of the gifts given to people when you visit them for diwali.


    Tea-light Holders – Buy some plain candle light holders and decorate with shimmer, beads, coloured paper cut-outs in different shapes.


    Rangolis – Decorating the entrance of your home with these colorful designs gets your child involved and they will really enjoy it.


    Door Hanging – Door hanging  can be made from cut-out shapes in craft paper. Children can colour the shapes with their crayons and paint them. Stick these cut out shapes together to make a symmetrical shape. Attach this shape on top of your door frame. This exhibit of wall hanging made by your child will invite Goddess Lakshmi with open arms.