• Diwali Sweets

    Posted by Little Dinos Team, October 26, 2011

    All festivities in India involve making of sweets at home or buying them and sharing it with your family and friends. Some of the traditional sweets are made of Desi ghee. Which of these are you relishing this Diwali?


    Moti Choor Ladoo: These ladoos are made of besan and also has cardamom and a touch of saffron.

    Barfi: Barfis are square in shape and are made of variety of ingredients. Badam Barfi is made of Badam, milk and sugar. While Pistachios are the main ingredients in Pista Barfi a plain is made of milk and sugar with badam and pista sprinkled on top.

    Malpua: Malpua are sweetened pancakes made with raisin. It is made with flour and condensed milk which is fried in ghee. It is usually served warm topped with rabdi.

    Jalebi: Another well renowned Indian mithai. Jalebis are made of sugar and besan (gram four).

    Ras Malai: Ras Malai is served cold and made of Cottage cheese balls soaked in flavored milk. They are garnished with  Pistachios. 

    Gulab Jamun: A tasty circular mithai that is known by all. On the top of everyone's list. Comes in a sugary syrup. It is the favorite choice of many Indians.

    Rasgulla: These round sweets are a speciality from Bengal. They are made of Cottage cheese, sugar and flour  and come immersed in a tasty sugar syrup.

    Sohan Papdi: A diwali sweetmeat makes a tasty addition to all the other sweets during diwali. It is made out of sugar, flour and ghee. It should be stored in an air tight container so that they last longer.

    Kaju-Pista Rolls: A twist of cashew and pistachio.

    Kalakand: This is an Indian Sweet made of milk & nuts. It is a delicious dessert, made with whole milk, variation of a burfee soft and grainy in texture.  It is very easy to prepare and does not take long time.

    Balushahi: A mouth watering recipe prepared with flour, sugar and ghee, just right for the occasion.