• Baby proofing your house

    Posted by Admin Dino, June 29, 2012

    When welcoming a new member to the family it's important to baby proof the house. There are some simple things that you can do by yourself which can go a long way in keeping your cutie pie safe.

    Do it yourself ideas

    Make baths safe: One of the most important items to baby proof is the faucet. They are sharp and can easily injure the baby right under your vigilance.

    Stop and go: Every door should have a stopper.

    Corner rounder: There are a number of tables (coffee, dining, night, etc.) around the house with sharp corners. Soften the table corners using guards.

    Shock proof: Cover your electric outlets especially the ones that are at ground level. These are simple devices which can prevent a dangerous situation.

    Store away: Have a proper chest to store kids toys and your tools. There has been numerous cases where a baby got injured by a littered toy.

    Ideas that may require professional help

    Gate off stairs: Have a gate to prevent a baby from tumbling down the stairs. This is also a solution to keep babies out of dangerous areas (bath, toilet, kitchen).

    Toilet lock: If you have an inquisitive baby its good to have the potty installed with a latch.

    Latched: Have shelf and drawers latched. There is a large variety of options ranging from simple hooks to some aesthetically looking magnetic latches.