• Baby and Toddler Tips

    Posted by admin, March 9, 2012

    Hey Guys,

    Here are some of the baby tips and toddler tips which can be resourceful in your journey of parenthood.

    1.  To make sure your toddler is hungry at meal time, don’t let him have too much to drink or have a snack close to meal time. It’s easy to lose track of time and not notice it’s almost time for dinner when they’re begging for a snack. If they’re hungry they’re much more likely to eat their dinner.
    2.   Generous hugs go miles to making a fretful child feel better. If your toddler gets scared, comfort him. Remember, Mom and Dad have so much power to make everything right again.
    3.   Language and speech are primarily learned through imitation and observation. During infancy, babies listen to their parents talk and they pay close attention when someone talks to them. This observation of casual conversation is the foundation for a child’s understanding of their native language.
    4.   Children love choices so put out some vegetables, a few bite-size fruits pieces, a little cut-up meat, some chickpeas or a bean salad, and perhaps a bit of pasta with sauce for dinner. Your toddler can choose what they want and no matter what it’ll be healthy.
    5.   For air travel, consider buying or borrowing the car seat that converts into a stroller and fits down the plane aisles. It is easier to get around the airport without carrying the kid; with no need to wake a sleeper when you land. They are FAA approved and actually fits in the airplane seat.
    6.   Ask for help when picking up toys. You may think your toddler is too young to help with toy pick-up (and other messes they create), but kids do it every day at daycare.