School Pages

'Little Dinos' offers parents a great way to create their Baby's Personal Website to share photos, videos and other wonderful memories. The baby websites have a password security feature that ensures online privacy and parents can choose from a variety of themes to frequently give their website a new feel and look.

What are School Pages?

School Page Preview

We are offering a 'School Page' that gets integrated & displayed on each child's website for children enrolled with your school. This school page is a single-page, web based interface which makes it easy for any teacher or assigned coordinator to upload content like photos, videos and journal posts for year-round events and activities conducted by your school.

The image on the left shows how your 'School Page' would look on a child's website. This 'School Page' is not intended to substitute your school's website, but is designed to serve as an additional platform for you to stay connected with your parents and enhance your brand.

School Page Interface Features

  • One-page Interface
  • School Logo
  • Display/Hide Announcements
  • Organize content separately
  • Photos/Videos/Journal
  • Publish to select classes

Key Benefits include

  • Unique branding differentiator for your school.
  • Value added service that keeps your parents informed by exhibiting class and outdoor activities. Platform to display School Accomplishments
  • School gets 2 GB of server storage which can store over 15,000 photos or several 5-min videos (or combination thereof). This is achieved through an optimization process - each 1MB photo is compressed to 100-150 KB without compromising on resolution, size & picture quality.
  • Zero costs for the school i.e. set-up, subscription, storage, hosting and maintenance costs are Nil.
  • All data is stored and hosted in USA on 'Amazon Web Servers' ensuring security and uptime reliability.
  • Year-end CD for School

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