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Little Dinos launches Zodiac Designs for your Baby's Website

Mumbai, India - 27 July, 2012 - While there are a handful of template based baby websites on the net, very few offer the warmth, freshness, feel and ease in navigation that Little Dinos provides. With its exciting collection of template designs, once again promises to be the premier online destination for parents to share their baby's photos and videos with the launch of twelve new refreshing Zodiac design templates.

With the launch of these 12 new zodiac designs, Little Dinos has crossed the landmark count of 50 designs. "We have a lot of members using these designs and some even writing back to us. This has encouraged us to develop more template designs and our members can expect new theme releases every few weeks", says Meena Kanthakumar, co-founder of

The site offers quick template selection and excellent photo/video upload and sharing capabilities. Password Protection of the baby's website is a vital security feature provided by the site since parents are extremely sensitive to not having their baby's photos and videos viewed by general public.

Developed and launched by two sisters, Veena and Meena, who studied at Michigan State University, the team of talented professionals has set off to achieve the best in quality of web design offerings. "All templates have been creatively conceptualized and designed by us. We are proud to be the first to introduce zodiac designs as themes for baby and children's websites", says Veena Kowli, co-founder of .

Visit and experience the joy of sharing those memorable moments.

'Little Dinos' participated at the Times Kidz Expo Exhibition

Mumbai, Maharashtra, May 2, 2012 - was a part of the 'Times Kidz World' exhibition that was held between April 28 - May 1, 2012 at the World Trade Centre in Mumbai.

We have defined, developed and implemented 'out of the box' approaches to meet our customer's needs in an innovative and cost effective manner. Our aim was to showcase the various ready-to-use colorful themes and some exclusive features offered, such as - a password protected website, a growth chart, unlimited number of pages, a guest book, the option to show or hide a page of the website and many other features too.

Ms. Veena Kowli, Co-founder 'Little Dinos' stated that
"I am glad that we had the opportunity to participate at the 'Times Kidz World' exhibition, which is the largest children's annual exhibition in India. We were able to interact with over 20,000 parents and show them how our automated tools can help them publish their child's personal website live, within minutes. More importantly we were able to gauge the pulse of how our offerings meet the different interests and needs of our potential customers."

Veena also added that "Our participation has given us the opportunity to introduce the visitors of the exhibition to Little Dinos - themed baby websites that parents can create and maintain with a few clicks from the convenience of their home. Visitors were able to realize the benefits of maintaining all the photo and video memories of their child at one online location."

It is worth mentioning that a child's photos and videos hosted on '' stay 100% secure when parents use the 'password protection' feature while sharing the URL of their child's website with family and friends.