Got questions about little dinos? Find answers here. Still have questions? Please write ot us.

How do I create 'My Account'?

The sign-up page includes a form which requests for details such as Name, Email Address and Location. It will be mandatory to create a Username and Password.

How do I design my Baby's Site?

Little Dinos offers a variety of themes to choose from. Once you get into your account click on the 'Design my Site' tab and you will be able to do the following

  • Add Information about your baby such as Name, Date of Birth etc.
  • Upload Photos and Videos of your little one.
  • Create Personal pages for you and your family members (Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, etc )
  • Create a Journal to post  exclusive moments of your baby's experiences.
  • Set up a Guestbook page for your inner circle of friends and families to leave a quick message.
  • Maintain a growth chart to monitor your baby's development.

How do I upload photos and videos?

Click the browse button and locate the image/video file saved on your computer. Choose this file and click the Upload button. Once the file is uploaded, the page will display a thumbnail of the uploaded file(s).

What photo and video formats are accepted by the site?

Little Dinos supports the following file formats:

  • Photos: jpeg, png, gif, bmp
  • Video: flv, wmv, avi.

Files in any other format, will need to be converted prior to uploading on the website.

How do I share my site with others?

Once your site is ready to be shared, select the email addresses from your addressbook of the people you wish to share the site with. Then click the "Send" button and the recipient will receive a link to your baby's website.

How do I know that my Baby's Site is private?

Click on the 'Set/Change 'Site Lock' password to Baby's Site'  link on the 'Welcome' Tab of your account login and be assured that nobody can have access to your baby's website without this password when published online.

Who can view my Baby's Site?

Your Baby's Site can be viewed by people with those whom you share the 'Site Lock' password.

If I change my website theme, do I need to create my site and upload data once again?

Other than choosing your new design, you will not be required to do anything else. The website comes with a built-in engine that will make the changes automatically and display your stored images with the new design.

Can I remove the ads from my site?

Little Dinos will be introducing an ad-free subscription service soon.

How do I make suggestions?

You may most certainly leave your valuable message on the 'Contact Us' page.

Do I need to signup for a website for each of my babies?

You can, but this is not necessary as you can easily add a second baby profile to your existing account.